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UK fintechs that received the most investment in 2019

Despite Brexit uncertainty the UK continued to be an attractive proposition for overseas investors in 2019. UK fintechs still raised a lot of capital, with a select few closing £100m+ rounds.

A coffee with Sam Gormley of Osaka labs

Sam Gormley was an entrepreneur at 20, discovering bands for the Atlantic label. Now he’s marketing for fintechs and says the rules haven’t changed…

Brexit: what do the numbers really say?

Brexit isn’t all bad news. The effect on the UK economy is a tale of great economics yet also worrying uncertainty. Political uncertainty and a global economic slowdown are not just a UK phenomenon – here’s what fintech leaders need to know.

Ten people you need to know in fintech

Fintech is not just a fast moving sector with an endless fascination for the ‘next big thing’. It’s now fragmented – with experts in banking, payments, transactions, customer engagement, user experience and security all offering real disruption. Here are 10 key figures in fintech you should know about.

Ten trends today that every fintech must recognise

New technologies are driving disruption everywhere – and financial services is no exception. They are giving rise to new operating models, redefining the nature of work in the sector and – as consumers or business owners – changing our relationship with IT. Here are 10 key trends influencing fintech today.

Can we trust open banking?

Open Banking makes financial data interoperable. But whilst the tech is in rude health, customer sentiment is far behind what fintechs might expect.

Seven steps to better negotiating

Great deals survive long enough to give both parties some benefit. Even established leaders like Steve Jobs never stopped working on their negotiation skills. Here are some practical ways to improve your chances, and how to spot when a negotiation is running away from you.

Crypto: Bona Fide or a Ponzi Scheme?

Bitcoin is back on an upward trajectory – and the speculators are piling in! So it’s time to see what’s changed since 2017: has BTC grown up, or is immaturity still the hallmark of crypto?

Trust: a key commodity in fintech

Trust is the key commodity in fintech: do your customers trust you, and how can you trust them? With complex intermediary relationships and cross-border transactions, it’s never been more important to build a trusted brand.