Why technology is now king in banking

Managed banking is built to be robust, transparent and flexible so that it seamlessly fits with your system, banks’ systems and requires no maintenance from you. Advancement in technology has allowed the industry to become more efficient, optimised and streamlined.

Our own cutting-edge technology supports our managed banking services. Cloud-native, based on Microsoft Azure servers, we have developed our own dedicated ‘smart-order’, ledger and matching technologies to maximise speed and deliver better currency exchange rates than available from the banking sector. Our ambition is to automate every aspect of cross-border payments and to pass on gains in speed of settlement and reductions in costs to all of our clients. This robust technology platform underpins our ability to offer exceptionally low fee structures at a flat and transparent rate.

Just like everyone else, we have an API

We have our own lines of code and our own API and customers of course benefit from a single, simple integration – via API, or even a web dashboard for the smallest clients. We also offer white label integration for customers wishing to include our services as part of a wider customer offer. With our API a new customer can be integrated with our platform in 24 hours. So do many others. What we can offer that others do not is the promise that once integrated the mix of banks and other 3rd parties used to create the optimise payments infrastructure can be changed with no further coding needed.

But we have more than great technology on our side

But, unlike some in the market, we are more than just a technology company. As veterans of the industry, we believe that whilst important, technology alone cannot solve all the problems faced by a business looking to grow across borders. Instead, we believe that collaboration is at the heart of success. No single bank, payment infrastructure, technology or API is right for everyone all of the time. We are focused on providing a service that combines the best of what is available into an optimised solution that precisely matches the customers’ requirement.

This takes an unusual blend of experience, technology and connectivity, plus a willingness to be open and transparent with customers, allowing them to benefit from our expertise. Our promise to customers is not just a few lines of code, but an engaged relationship that will help build the best possible cross-border payments infrastructure and then get the best out of it.

A local team that gets involved

Our London-based leadership team applies its collective experience in banking, payments and technology to client challenges on a daily basis. Equally, we are open to, and proactive in, finding new partnerships, technologies and payment infrastructures to integrate into the Freemarket ecosystem. The more options, opportunity and alternatives we can provide to our customers, the better the fit with their needs and the better the solution we can provide for them.

Our vision is to create a world where every company has the freedom to do business across borders using its own optimised cross-border payments network to make instant, transparent payments that will drive growth. We will do this by blending our own technology, insights, experience and industry connections with the best technology and banking service infrastructures available.

Managed Banking lets you get on and grow your business. Get in touch see how we can help your business.