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About us

We started our company with the goal of providing UK SME’s better access to cross-border payment capability. We are now a global company providing access to banking services from some of the world’s largest institutions to regulated entities and corporates.


Our clients operate in competitive and high-growth sectors. Our technology optimises existing market products and services, which allows our customers to focus on go-to-market strategies, business development and client relationships to maximise revenue.


We’re all about relationships. We take a partnership approach with all of our stakeholders. These include customers, global banks and service providers. Our goal is to provide the best service and solution possible for the benefit of all parties.


Businesses of all sizes should have access to the best services on the market, that were until now only available to institutional players. Our platform provides access to multiple bank partners, service providers and compliance capabilities.

Management team

Our London-based management team has led, managed, and built technology, processes and businesses across the financial services industry.