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Welcome to Freemarket Ireland

Supporting you in Ireland

Through our team in Dublin, we provide day-to-day support to corporations, enterprises, financial institutions, regulated entities and SMEs. We provide an end-to-end solution that integrates cash management, FX, liquidity management, payments and virtual accounts – helping businesses to thrive in competitive environments.

Products & Services

Learn more about the products and services we offer our clients.

Cash Management

Our innovative approach to Cash Management allows us to offer tailored solutions to our clients by providing them with more control over how their liquidity is managed, reducing risk exposure, optimising cash flow and increasing visibility in an ever-changing landscape.


Freemarket adopts a multi-bank approach, and by using innovative technology, simplifies the cross-border payments process to make it quicker, cheaper and more transparent. Least cost routing methodology optimises payment networks to increase efficiency and speed of settlement.


We provide businesses with a full range of API-enabled and real-time FX services with access to competitive rates, instant settlement, wide currency coverage and international payments to improve your FX management & risk.

Virtual Accounts (vIBANS)

We offer a range of virtual accounts (vIBANS) in a wide range of currencies that can be used to send and receive payments worldwide, allowing our clients to extend their settlement service, reduce their reliance on physical accounts.

Flexible Tech

Our technology executes currency exchange via the fastest and most cost-effective route for you. Smart-order routing methodology provides best currency execution within our network. When no internal match is available clients receive access to market-leading pricing from global institutions.


Reconcile payments in real-time via vIBAN capabilities in a wide range of currencies.

We allow you to receive funds in 40+ currencies to 100+ countries.

Receive and distribute domestic payments cost effectively via local clearing networks.