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How to register: Personal Account

So, you’ve decided to register with Freemarket – great news. Now you’re only a few minutes away from having your own Freemarket account.

Registering for an account only takes a few minutes, after which we will conduct our mandatory compliance checks to ensure you are who you say you are – we aim to complete this process within a 24 hour period, with most accounts being open much sooner, often in minutes, however, if we have questions or reservations regarding your account this may be longer.

Begin by signing up here. This is the starting point of the registration process and where you’ll be asked to provide your basic information.

Step one: Account Details

Once you’ve completed the initial sign up phase, you’ll be taken to the ‘Create an account’ page. In this section, you will have to specify which type of account you’re opening – Business or Personal. Select ‘Personal’ (if you wish to open a business account, click here).

Step two: Personal information

Next, you’re required to fill out some personal information, so we can check this for AML and KYC purposes.

Step three: Verification

Now that you’ve provided the main details of your account, you will be required to provide supplementary identification so we can verify your identity for AML and KYC purposes. A valid UK driver’s license or passport is acceptable.

Please be aware that invalid or expired identification documents will not be accepted and your account will not be created until the correct documents have been supplied.

Upload an image of your passport or driver’s license followed by the long passport number (including the chevrons) or the license ID on the driver’s license.

Step four: Clarification of funds

Next, you’ll complete the ‘Transaction profile’. For the purposes of KYC this helps our compliance team to understand the nature and regularity of your foreign transactions. These insights are also shared with your assigned account manager, helping them to offer you the best possible support.

Step five: Confirmation

Almost there! Now you’ll be asked to check and confirm the information you’ve provided is correct, and accept our Terms and Conditions. Once you’ve done that, click ‘Continue’.


You’ve successfully completed registration. You will now be redirected to a confirmation page which will provide details of your assigned account manager. We aim to open all accounts within 24 hours (usually a lot less) of your registration. Should any issues arise or we require any additional documentation or information your account manager will get in touch with you directly.

Once we’re happy and all documentation has been supplied, your account will be created and you will receive a notification via email, after which you can begin transacting straight away.